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About Me

It’s great to call Asheville my home town, what a long strange trip it’s been.

You could say I started in real estate in the Florida panhandle back in the mid-70’s when my husband and I built a one room cabin for a friend.  Total cost:  $750. 

Since then, we’ve built or remodeled many homes, some in Florida, most in Eastern North Carolina.  As the projects grew larger and more complex, so also did my skill and knowledge of construction.  When I finally realized that I was more interested in working with people than hammers, I went back to school and got my real estate license.

On arrival to Asheville, I needed to make friends, connect with the community.  It’s easy, just volunteer.  These are some that work for me as I work for them: The Asheville Downtown Association, the Lake Eden Arts Festival, better known as The LEAF, RiverLink, Kiwanis and Jubilee Community.

I’ve been married for 37 years and raised four kids, ages now 21-45.  I don’t give up.  And that goes for my business as well.  When we set out to find a home or sell a property, I’ll be right there till we get it done.

It’s your move. 


I worked with Karen on finding a home in the WNC area and I was absolutely blown away by the dedication and time that she put into finding something that worked just for us. Thank you!
- Laura Werbenjagermanjensen